How did you two meet?

I was in a bike shop one day trying to decide on which bike to buy. I had never really ridden seriously before. Jonathan approached me and proceeded to give me his recommendation on a new bike, but I think he was just trying to get my attention. It worked. I think I won him over with my feisty side. I had grabbed some stickers and slapped them to his hairy arm. What's even worse, I pulled one off. I was definitely flirting elementary style and he ended up giving me his number. He said since I was new to cycling he'd give me breaking lessons, no charge. Lol, I got more than lessons. We planned a bike ride in the following few days and it was really while on that two hour ride that the door to dating opened. We talked the entire time and learned so much about each other. It was the most open and honest, unfiltered, and funny conversation; just different in the best kind of way. He was kind and gentle and he didn't leave me on the bike. He stayed right by my side the entire time. That is the man you want to marry!

How did you choose your engagement locations? Why those locations?

Hotel Emma wasn't quite finished before I moved to DC but I always wanted to see it when it was completed. While getting to know Rebecca two things were immediately apparent; she loved food and beautiful spaces. Whether it was architecture or natural landscapes she was always up for an long as it wasn't too cold! When I first brought Rebecca to San Antonio to meet my parents I knew I wanted to see and explore Hotel Emma with her for the first time. I knew she would love it and wanted to share that experience with her. We were both in awe of Hotel Emma and the surrounding Pearl area. We walked up and down the north end of the Riverwalk and talked about a life together here in San Antonio. At that time I knew Hotel Emma would play a part in our engagement one way or another. Our truly wonderful and talented photographer, Jackie, introduced us to the Cibolo Nature Center after we expressed an interest in shooting part of our engagement session in a beautiful outdoors location. We knew we wanted to shoot in and around Hotel Emma and the Cibolo Nature Center was a perfect compliment to the Pearl District. We were hooked the moment she sent us some samples shots of the Nature Center. So all the credit goes to Jackie for making that location possible. Jackie is incredibly talented as a photographer and was so wonderful to work with. We don't say this lightly as we have been told we can quite picky!



How long is your engagement?

It's short! 1 day short of 3 months. We will be getting married exactly one year from the day we met.

Who proposed? How?

Jonathan proposed, with the help of his twin brother John Paul. I contacted Hotel Emma about the possibility of proposing to Rebecca on Christmas Eve at their Hotel. Hotel Emma secured a dinner reservation for us facing the glass doors overlooking the Riverwalk. The dinner was a ploy to get Rebecca to Hotel Emma. Secretly I had booked a room with a terrace overlooking the water. Upon request Hotel Emma provided me with a beautifully lit Christmas tree. I ordered several custom double sided picture ornaments of Rebecca and I and our adventures together. Whether the images were from our dinners out in DC or our trip the Grecian Islands all of the pictures were wonderful memories of our time together. The ornaments arrived the day before Christmas eve. The ring arrived the morning of Christmas eve. Paul was immediately dispatched to decorate the tree and wrap the ring while we were getting ready for dinner. Paul did an amazing job decorating the tree. I am still kind of shocked it came out so well. I had previously underestimated his artistic ability but he proved me wrong again. After dinner Rebecca wanted to take some pictures down by the water so we headed down. After a few pictures I told her there was something else I wanted to show her inside Hotel Emma. We proceeded to the elevators and she looked confused. She thought perhaps we were headed to a rooftop bar. Once inside the elevator I had to use a room key to access the top floor. She seemed even more confused. We walked towards our room and as I opened the door she exclaimed, "Is this ours?" Inside the tree was beautifully decorated and some light piano music was playing, compliments of Paul. At this point Rebecca was in shock. I asked her to look more closely at the tree. She was stunned as she realized the ornaments were our pictures. I asked her to take a seat by the tree as I look the ring out of the gift box. I told her that words alone would never explain how much I loved her but that I would be honored to spend the rest of my life showing her. I thanked her for everything she brought into my life and my heart and asked her to marry me. She said, "Yes, of course." There was one more ornament in the box with the ring. It was an "Our First Engagement" picture ornament that we hung on the tree together. The End!

How he/she pick your engagement ring?

Jonathan picked the ring after we initially looked together. We narrowed it down to a few different styles and shapes and then he surprised me with a ring he had made just for me.

How did you choose your wedding date? What is your Venue? How did you choose it?

We picked March 25th, 2017 primarily because it was 1 year to the day that we first met! We will be getting married at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. We chose it because of the beautiful grounds and location.

What are you most excited about for your wedding day?

Becoming Mrs. Rebecca Lynn T. or AKA " BLT". For me I love Jonathan dearly and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him by my side. He truly is the love of my life.




Venues: The Hotel Emma - The Pearl Brewery - Cibolo Nature Center

Hair and Makeup : Renee Lathers- Makeup By Renee