Rachel & Chris'  October 22nd wedding was an intimate, elegant gathering of their closest friends and family in a space ( Hotel Havana ) they both loved so much. They had a pre-ceremony cocktail hour followed by a short ceremony and amazing dinner in Ocho.

How did you meet?

We met 4 years ago at work. Chris was a client of the public relations agency I work for, DeBerry Group. After 4 years I got the nerve to invite him to our company Christmas party. I knew that night, he was the one. The rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal :

We had a picnic on the bank of the San Antonio River near the King William area which was one of our first dates. I turned around to pick something up and when I turned back around he was on one knee. Just the two of us, it was magic.

What was the inspiration behind your theme/design? :

We loved the old-world vibe of Hotel Havana and we wanted something unique, memorable and intimate. We only had 50 guests, so the space was perfect. The energy of the hotel was very "us."

What were some of the unique details from your day? :

Chris' father, Juan Trevino, officiated the ceremony. There was a beautiful chandelier that hung above us during the ceremony, which was held outside in the breezeway near Ocho overlooking the river. The Havana staff was first-class and so amazing.

What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?:

One of my favorite moments from my wedding day was after it all ended, Chris and I went up to our room and they had brought the leftover cake up to the room. We sat on the couch together, he took my shoes off, we had some champagne and ate cake together, in silence. Then, we just looked at each other and I think at that moment after all the craziness, it finally set in to both of us that we were married. We were going to be together forever. Just the two of us on the couch eating that delicious cake and drinking champagne. It was bliss to me.

Do you have any tips to share with other couples?

I think my tips for other couples would be - don't worry so much about all the planning and the guest list and every little detail, because ultimately its about the two of you and this moment that will never happen again. I think people get so caught up in all the "stuff" they forget why they're doing this. Also invest in an amazing photographer i.e. Jackie Willome. Seriously, the photos have been so important and beautiful for us. And they will last forever <3