So, I love a big party, I really do.. but there's something about intimate elopements that makes my heart skip a beat.  This beautiful Elopement in New Braunfels, Texas was no exception: Lauren and Sam eloped at Founder's Oak in Landa Park in New Braunfels, on New Year's Eve 2016 with Everlasting Elopements. 


Q & A: 

How did you choose to elope?

Although a big wedding was something we contemplated but we decided to that we would have our ceremony for us. We wanted the memories and the photos and the moments, in nature and with each other.

Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

I wanted something that was a little sparkly since we decided on new years eve, but not over the top. When I picked the dress is was plain but my consultant invisioned all the extras and made it happen. The designer was Diane at her shop D'Angelo in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA.

What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear?

The Shoes I bought at Macy's and felt they went well with the my theme, I actually bought the shoes before I bought the dress, and I bought the boots for a little more comfort plus we got married in Texas. :) The jewelry I wore was my mothers.


What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

I think deciding to write our own vows was my favorite part, and i would recommend doing this, it was it very special.

What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

I don't know that I can pick just one, I like the one of us almost kissing when you can see my earrings.. but i like that Jackie had ways of having us laugh and have so much fun.

What did you do on your wedding day? Did you exchange wedding gifts?What happened immediately following the ceremony? Did you have a special wedding dinner, if so where?

We decided against wedding gifts, the flowers i bought at HEB and put together myself. Our situation was a little unique because we had been on the road for almost 2 weeks traveling prior to our wedding day, although we did have a hotel reserved for that night we decided to go ahead and spend our evening together at home. Both of us were very happy with this decision.

What was the best part of eloping? What did you find most challenging?

The best part was defiantly the low stress and just being able to focus our each other and our day. But is was a little challenging because we are both very close to our families and it was a little hard for them to not be around.

Jackie Willome Photography- San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels Elopement Photographer.